Tiba Tempeh Curry-Spiced Pieces 200g

Tiba Tempeh Curry-Spiced Pieces 200g

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Tiba Tempeh loves big flavours. Well, don’t we all? This one comes with its own. It’s Tiba Tempeh's traditional three-ingredient tempeh with a moreish marinade of curry spices, tomato and onion. It’s fabulous in curries of all kinds, whether it be a Thai massaman, an Indian bhuna or even an authentic 1980s Mum Curry, complete with the obligatory desiccated coconut and sultanas. Ideal for sensational curries, salads, wraps and more. 

- High in plant protein

- High in fibre

- Natural ingredients

- Organic

- Vegan

- Made with live cultures

- Ready to eat

2+ weeks shelf life. Suitable for home freezing.  

Created by TIBA TEMPEH