Tiba Tempeh BBQ Burger (200g)


Life without burgers? Doesn’t bear thinking about. But if you don’t eat meat or you’re trying to cut down, what do you do? Well, here’s the answer: Tiba Tempeh's Smoky BBQ Burger. It’s soybeans, water, live cultures and organic BBQ sauce. It’s smoky, nutty, earthy, and hefty (in a good way). We like it a lot. We hope you do too.

This is the UK’s first ever tempeh burger. And it contains more protein than many beef burgers – a whopping 22g per 100g. 

- High in plant protein

- High in fibre

- Natural ingredients

- Organic

- Vegan

- Made with live cultures

2+ weeks shelf life. Suitable for home freezing. Each pack contains 2 burgers.

Created by TIBA TEMPEH