Organic Coconut Sugar

0.55 lb

Coconut sugar is the boiled and dehydrated sap of the coconut palm. With a taste like brown sugar, coconut sugar is perfect in cooking and baking as well as in coffees, teas, and smoothies. Pure and unrefined, with nothing artificial added, our coconut sugar is 100% organic with absolutely no GMOs. With a lower reported GI(35) than cane sugar and a sweet caramel taste, coconut sugar is a fantastic natural alternative for all your sweetening needs. Better still, coconut sugar is known to be high in zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and inulin, as well as antioxidants.

  • All natural sweetener, cane sugar alternative
  • Made from 100% pure coconut sap
  • Caramel sweet flavour, like brown sugar
  • Can be used like regular sugar
  • Low GI to assist blood sugar management


100% Organic Coconut