Glorious Garlic & Honey


Love Fermented's Glorious Garlic & Honey... golden cloves of garlic naturally fermented in sweet blossom honey. This really is mother nature's first-aid kit!

​Delicious with any roast vegetables, in a stir-fry or a kebab, these little nuggets of gut-loving health are mother nature's healers. We enjoy ours every day straight from the jar… super delish!

​This jar is naturally fermented and unpasteurised which means it is packed full of live good gut bacteria. This jar of garlic and honey can help provide you with essential vegetable variety with minerals, nutrients and roughage - all essential ingredients for a healthy diverse gut.

• Unpasteurised

• Packed with live good bacteria

• Full of nutrients & roughage

• Whole natural ingredients

• Can help maintain a healthy mind, body, gut and immune system.

​Kept cosy in your refrigerator and given a quick shake every time you put it back - your delicious jar of good gut health will last around 8 weeks.

100% natural (non-organic), vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free... & delish.

Ideal for New Mums to aid recovery of the body.

Created by Love Fermented