ECO by Naty - Baby Nappies Single Pack Size 1


Baby Nappies Single Pack Size 1 - (2.5 - 5 kg / 4 - 11 lbs)

- 0% plastic on baby's skin.
- Reduced risk of allergies and nappy rash.
- Award-winning performance - keeps baby dry!
- 100% independently certified.
- Packaging sourced from renewable materials.

Pack size: 25 pcs

Naty nappies have 0% oil-based plastic on your baby’s skin, and 0% nasty chemicals. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy worrying about nappy rash or scary reactions, as only plant-based materials ever touch your baby’s skin. The core of our nappy is made from 100% FSC certified wood pulp, which is not only totally natural, but really good at sucking up liquid. The other layers are made of natural biodegradable materials making the diaper breathable and comfortable on skin. And Naty nappies look pretty cool too – check out our Swedish nature-inspired illustrations!

Seriously absorbent core with 100% FSC certified pulp and super absorbent polymers that suck up liquid. 

No nasties touch your baby’s skin. Our top sheet and outer cover are made of two types of material, and only plant-based stuff ever touches your baby’s skin.

Only the bio-based part of the tabs come into contact with your baby. 

Leakage barrier is 80% plant-based. But we’re working on 100%!

Our kick-ass core is wrapped in 100% FSC certified tissue. 

The cool nature inspired print contains no heavy metals or other junk.

No nasties touch your baby's skin - still only plant-based materials.