Biona Organic Smooth Peanut Butter Unsalted

1.1 lb

Biona Organic Smooth Butter is milled from small batches of freshly roasted certified organic peanuts, that’s it!  No sugar, palm fat or emulsifiers, only the whole nuts which means you receive all their nutritional goodness and creamy taste. Their smooth Peanut Butter has a wonderful flavour, with velvety consistency and is a great source of protein. Not to mention, energy rich! Spread over fresh, hot toast; dollop onto porridge, stir into yoghurt, smoothies or add to cookie dough in baking… Nut butter addicts will agree, there is always a place for peanut butter! Nut oil may be subject to separation-  simply stir to restore its natural consistency and enjoy! 



* = Certified Organic Ingredients