Benefits of Pickled Vegetables

Pickled vegetables and home fermentation have recently become very popular. Every other friend now pickles at home, creating delicious foods from fresh vegetables and simple ingredients. What is this new trend? Why has everyone suddenly started eating fermented/pickled fruit and vegetables? There is a good reason for that: the benefit of these foods for your gut and overall heath.

GIGI’s ORGANIC Online Store has a range of pickled vegetables, made using the top techniques with high-quality ingredients, without any unnecessary additives. Delivered ready right to your door. We currently stock kraut, kimchi and pickled vegetables from two incredible brands: BRAVO’S PKLESand Love Fermented. Both brands use whole natural ingredients and friendly gut bacteria, and here is why that is important.

There are different types of pickled vegetables. The ones that you find in supermarkets usually do not contain fermenting bacteria, and have high amounts of sodium in them. A lot of good bacteria is used for fermentation in the products you will find in GIGI’s ORGANIC Online Store, which makes them good for our gut. Add them to your "Gorgeous On The Inside" fruit and vegetable box or order them invidiually. The bacteria act as probiotics in our microbiome, thus supporting the existing environment of our guts and help the multiplication of the good bacteria we want to have. A healthy gut means lower risk of bowel cancers, better digestion, better passing of food through the digestive tract. When our gut is happy and heathy, we feel better, are less stressed and enjoy life a lot more.

The pickled vegetable juice on its own has many benefits, due to the acidity from the vinegar it contains. Pickle juice has been found to reduce muscles cramps (Miller et al., 2010), it is not just the electrolytes in the water, but other components that help create this effect. The study looked at hydrated male subjects and found an improvement in muscle cramp relapse through electrically induced muscle tests after consuming pickle juice for a week.

Another benefit of pickle juice is its ability to reduce blood sugars spikes for both non-diabetics and diabetics. Foods that are eaten with pickle juice, and with pickled vegetables themselves, are able to reduce the postprandial blood glucose spikes. This is due to the acids, which reduce blood sugar spikes, as they delay digestion of the food consumed alongside the acid. Slower digestion means that the glucose from food will be absorbed into the blood at a slower pace, hence the spike will be softened. This also helps manage appetite and aids in weight control.

In addition, pickle juices contain sodium and other electrolytes, which help the electrolyte balance of the body. Pickle water is commonly used on ketogenic diets to support this balance. Electrolytes are essential to the human body, as they are involved in numerous bodily processes. The role of electrolytes is to conduct small electrical impulses of our body systems. These impulses are key to healthy muscular-skeletal and nervous system functioning of the body. Pickle water is particularly high in sodium, which when consumed in excess may be harmful, especially to people with heart and blood pressure issues. Caution should be taken and pickle water needs to be consumed in moderation.

Lastly, pickled vegetables are still vegetables, and they will contain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre of the original plant. Vegetable intake is a very important part of leading a healthy lifestyle, and only 28% of UK adults (Health Survey UK, 2018) get the recommended daily dose of fruit and vegetables (5-a-day). These are the reasons why so many people are now eating pickled and fermented foods. Why shouldn't you start too?

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