Weekly Organic Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

GIGI's ORGANIC fruit and vegetable subscription boxes are filled with freshly picked farm produce, sourced from sustainable, organic British farms in the UK and organic farmers overseas. We supply a wide variety of delicious fruit and vegetables, following the seasons to bring you the freshest and best quality foods. 

Organic vegetables are better for us and the environment, limiting the number and type of pesticides and artificial fertilisers that can be used on organic crops. This enables a more natural growth cycle, better soil quality and encouraging vegetables to flourish more. Organic means that the food contains fewer pesticides, fewer additives and preservatives, no GM ingredients, from more resilient farms. Eating organic food means supporting a holistic and sustainable way of farming, into the future.

GIGI's ORGANIC weekly fruit and vegetable boxes are suitable for vegetarians, vegans or anyone moving towards a plant-based diet. Nourish your body, improve your health and happiness through food full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Each of our subscription box is also filled with love and kindness, to give the best experience to your body and soul.

The environment and our planet is important to us, therefore all our boxes and packaging are recyclable. At GIGI's ORGANIC, we aim to use minimum amount of plastic or no plastic at all where possible. 

GIGI's ORGANIC weekly fruit and vegetable boxes are delivered to your door, starting from £13.99 including packing and delivery. Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused, and reactivated anytime through your account or by emailing hello@gigisorganic.co.uk.