Our Mission

We recognise the tremendous health benefits of eating a balanced diet, full of fresh organic fruit and vegetables and natural foods. We put all our efforts into sourcing and delivering fresh organic food to your home, so that you can explore and experiment with gorgeous ingredients in your own kitchen and create simple, yet delicious dishes for your growing children and making family meals special. 

GIGI’s ORGANIC is all about using fresh fruit and vegetables in all ways possible that create flavoursome nutritious meals which fuel our bodies with energy and fulfil our souls with joy. 

What We Do 

We strive to source the best quality and the freshest fruits, vegetables and plant-based organic products for our customers. We partner with a network of gorgeous suppliers including farmers, unique organic food producers, and carefully selected eco-friendly brands based on the quality of their products and their ethics, so you can enjoy even more deliciousness. The produce is carefully packed into boxes by the loving hands of our staff and delivered right to your door. 

Sustainability runs through every aspect of GIGI’s ORGANIC. We believe that we have the power to preserve our planet for our children and future generations, through conscious living and sustainability.

Every customer matters to us. Your feedback generates new ideas and helps us bring new amazing products to GIGI’s ORGANIC Online Store. We stock products from UK businesses, all of which have the common goal to use natural ingredients to create incredible products: good for the body and good for the soul. 

GIGI’s ORGANIC is growing into a community of like-minded people, who are willing to dive into the world of natural foods and explore the flavours and textures that nature has gifted us with. Join us on our journey.

With Love,

The Team at GIGI’s ORGANIC